Learning to knit socks toe-up and two-at-a-time.

I’m so excited!

My needles arrived Wednesday.

Isn't my yarn pretty?

Did you notice that part of my yarn is in a ball and part is still in it’s store-wound ball? That’s because you’ll need two separate portions of yarn to work with. The way I split mine was to wind a ball until I felt like I’d gotten half of it wound. Then I took out my little kitchen scale and weighed my ball. Since my entire skein was 100grams. I knew my ball needed to be 50grams. I left the remainder of the yarn in its original skein.

Since my yarn was already divided and ready, I cast on Wednesday afternoon and, in my obsession, stayed up late knitting and watching Frasier on Netflix.

I chose the pattern “Kid Stuff”. It’s the first pattern in the book.

You wanna see what I’ve got so far?

Aren't the colors nice?

I'm looking forward to wearing these!

So there’s my little update on sock knitting progress.

Tomorrow I will post about the chickens and their excursion into the snow.