Poetry in the mix

I do like poetry and yet…I seldom take the time to sit down and take it in.

My friend recently told me about a wonderful compilation of poems entitled Good Poems 
She mentioned that she had found the collection on CD.  
*BLINK*   I got an inspiration!    What if I added the audio collection to my ipod and then set it to shuffle?

I did it.   It works perfectly.   I hear three or four tunes and then a nice poem  then some more music.   Since I keep my iPod docked in my sewing room (my ears don’t enjoy having ear-buds stuffed into them) while I work, this new idea has really proven to be brilliant.   (I can’t help hearing Doctor Who in my head when I see that word).

The collection has four cd’s and various readers.  To date there is only one reader who gets under my skin.   She over-enunciates and reads too slowly and has a very breathy style.   Fortunately she’s reading some of the shortest pieces.   So…it’s all good. 

Why not add some poetry to your life this next year?

Blessing to all of you for taking a few minutes to read my drivel.     Happy New Year!

iDo love my iPod…a declutterer’s tale

I know I’m revealing the fact that I am Waaaaay behind the times here. I’m used to that.

I was sitting in my friend Lisa’s lovely home last night and noticed that the music we had been listening to didn’t seem to be coming from speakers….(you know, those big clunky gawdy looking objects that collect dust). When I asked her where the music was coming from she pointed out her iPod on a dinky little speaker dock. I couldn’t believe my ears.

I went shopping and found a decently priced speaker dock for my iPod. It works fabulously. It doesn’t have the nice booming base I love…but I’ll survive. I’ve got 963 items (some things aren’t songs) on my iPod and it’s still only one fourth of the way full! 963! Incredible!

So – how does this help me declutter? Well, Lisa also got me excited to put my cd’s into a binder rather than on a shelf. I am gradually transferring the music to my iPod and putting the cd’s into the binder for storage and I’m storing the cases (because I’m just not willing to part with them) in a box in the garage. VOILA – I have more space in my living room!

Next I need to conquer my knitting area. It appears that the yarn has been multiplying while my back was turned. Unfortunately, it only seems to be spawning lots of little balls instead of full skeins. rats

I’ll go listen to some cello music and forget the stress of my fornicating fiber.

OH! Speaking of iPod’s. I spent most of the afternoon putting my Christmas CD’s on there. One of them, in particular, I wanted to rave about to you. It’s available (I hope) through Big Bison Music. The cd is titled Bethlehem Morning. It is instrumental and it’s perfect! My dear dear friend Susan from Wildlife In The Woods gave me one last year and it’s one of my favorites now. Go look for it!! You won’t be sorry.