We got our first egg last week!

Due to all sorts of complications I haven’t been able to post about this momentous occasion until today.

It was pretty funny how Nugget reacted to laying an egg. She did a sort of chicken-moan for the entire rest of the day. I mean HOURS of chicken-toned droning. I had read many stories of hens acting rather pleased with themselves after laying an egg. Nugget could only be described as offended and slightly traumatized. Who can blame her? I’ve behaved worse over far less. (may actions yesterday come to mind)

Speaking of yesterday. Batman came home and I laid out my histrionic tale of woe. He calmly told me, “I promise. They’re there. I’ll take care of it. Trust me.” And, of course Batman found my pictures!! He also fixed whatever it was that was keeping me from uploading photos from my camera.
And (most importantly) he found all 4000 iTunes items and put them back where they belong. *whew* I was seriously contemplating burrowing under my down comforter and never coming out if my iTunes were gone. Seriously.

All is right in my world again.

Now I can show you this: