Buh-bye Merlin.

Remember Merlin?  The Chihuahua?

It didn’t work out.

I’m heartsick over it.

The poor little guy was just too damaged.  He would not warm up enough to even mildly trust the men in my household.

I had to be out of town for 12 days and it was necessary for Batman to assume primary caretaking responsibilities.  Merlin simply could not handle it.

We did learn some important things about him to help his chances of getting adopted again (and this time permanently).

He is trainable  and willing to please…as long as there are no adult males present.   He simply cannot function when there is an adult male nearby.

Did I mention how heartsick this makes me?

I had fallen in love with the little dude.   He was so sweet.  He loved music.   He wasn’t yappy.    *sigh*

hold me

Thank the LORD for paper towels!

I’m not great at being “green” but I try to keep packaging and paper waste to a minimum around here. One of those things that I try not to use often is paper towels. If it weren’t that my family seems to need them around, I probably would never buy them. We have plenty of kitchen towels and a functioning washing machine.

Paper towels are a waste of money. At least that’s what I once thought.

**WARNING: The following story is nasty. If you are of the sensitive tummy type – I recommend you skip it.**

Lando decided to gag up two (yeah TWO) loads of…something horrific that he clearly deemed tasty a half an hour before.

Of course the universe chose the middle of my lunchtime to unleash the black sludgy fury of whatever was in that 60lb doggies tummy!

One of the loads was easily 18 inches across!!! Thankfully it was the one that landed fully on the wood floor. I don’t want to talk about the one on the carpet. I’m still recovering.

I just wandered back and forth shouting “Ohhhhhhh!” repeatedly. The kids vanished completely and became voices from upstairs asking, “Is it gone yet?”

I will never again complain about my cat barfing.


I think I may be traumatized.

But – thank the good LORD of disposable products that I still had some paper towels!!!