My March Project: Learn to knit socks!

I bought yarn. (this isn’t exactly the color I got…photos to come in next week)

I got a book.

I ordered the 40″ circular needle.

Now I’m impatiently waiting for the needles to arrive. It’s been five days already.


…meanwhile it has snowed. A real snow this time. Six inches. The chickens were so funny when I opened their coop door and they saw all the white. The four of them stood poking their heads out but not stepping out. It would have made a great photo. Naturally, I didn’t have my camera handy. When I opened the run, later in the day, to let them run in the yard they flew quickly across the snow and huddled together in one of the chairs on the back deck. They stood around and ate snow and held up one foot at a time. Silly girls.

I ended up picking them up and putting them back in the run. I spread a full bale of redwood chips in the run and it was much nicer for them to stand on. They didn’t object.

I promise to try and get a decent photo or two of these funny chickens in the snow.