It is never too late to learn something new.

If you have the itch to learn to sew, or knit, or remodel a bathroom… Do it.

As for sewing; there are many options available.

1) Call your local fabric store and ask about beginner classes.

2) Ask a friend to either teach you or point you in the right direction.

3) Pull out the owner’s manual for your sewing machine and learn the basics regarding threading, bobbin filling, etc.

4) Go to the library and check out some beginning sewing books from the Junior Section. These books are usually better illustrated and have very clear instruction.

5) Visit youTube and search for some tutorials. Or go to I love Craftsy!

With a little determination you CAN do this.

Sewing can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. The range of projects is incredible. You can make something as simple as a bookmark or as complicated as a Victorian Ball Gown.

I was in my mid-30′s when my good friend Lisa invited me to go with her to a beginner quilting class. The class involved making a selection of quilt blocks in coordinating fabrics of our choice. It took me nearly two years to finish mine, as I recall.

I was determined to do all of the quilting by hand.

If you’re telling yourself, “It’s too late to learn something new.” Let me tell you about my friend Grace.

This one is my favorite

Grace decided to learn to play the organ. She was in her late 80′s at the time.

I hated making this one. It was very tricky!

If it wasn’t too late for Grace.

This is a fun one. It's a little tricky when choosing fabrics but construction is fun.

It’s not too late for you.

I did a terrible job on this one. I was in a hurry to finish and got very sloppy.

The photo makes the block appear as if it's not square. It is. Honest!

This is another fun block to construct. It teaches some great skills, too.

I have no idea what the actual name of this block is. I didn't enjoy this one anyway.

What do you want to learn to do?

I am planning to learn to knit socks this year. I know I’ve said it before.

I figure if I yammer on enough about it I’ll sort of force myself to get crackin’ and just do it!

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7 comments on “It is never too late to learn something new.

  1. anietzerck says:

    A Big way to go to Grace!! Liking the encouraging post! I’m about to turn 29 and I just got engaged…and I have no skills. Luckily for me, my fiance does the cooking, cleaning…. pretty much everything. I decided to learn something useful that he didn’t know much about. Turns out to be sewing, although he has the basic skills (and I don’t even have those) ;) Good luck on your sock knitting! :) :)

  2. a capella says:

    I have so much time on my hands right now. I always wanted to knit socks, but I’m kind of lazy in the way of finding out what I need and getting it. That’s a little more challenging when I can’t get to the store myself, but I’ll give it a go…if you will! :)

    • knittinpeace says:

      Let’s do it! Wanna shoot for beginning in March? I’ve got a couple of projects that need to be finished first.

      • a capella says:

        Sure! Do you know what we need to start? I know we need those special needles, but I don’t know what size or what kind of yarn. I can order on Amazon or, if really necessary, send DH to the store. :)

  3. Go you! And go, Grace! And go, you, again.

    Did you see Sir Paul McCartney’s grand finale on the Grammy’s last night. He makes old folk everywhere proud.

    No, you’re right: it’s never too late. Why not, in fact?

    Well..apart from the whole “threading a needle difficulty”. But my Mom’s solution to that was to get her young daughter to do it, and I bet your daughter may have helped YOU a time or two. :-D

    • knittinpeace says:

      I didn’t even know the Grammy’s were on. I’ll have to look for a re-play of his performance.

      I bought stronger glasses for threading needles but my machine has a little doo-hickey that makes it super easy to thread the needle. I <3 that feature!

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