Laughing is my favorite.

My kids make me laugh. They, like most kids, have a talent for figuring out what will tickle the giggler of their parents.

Sometimes they do it by accident: Once Batman and Boy Wonder were on their way to their favorite fishing spot when Batman pulled off the road and stopped beside a lake that was on the road to “their” lake. He and Boy Wonder walked for a few steps and Batman pointed out the signs that read “Catch and Release Only. Fish from this lake is not safe for human consumption” (or something like that). Naturally Boy Wonder (who was around six years old) wanted to know what that was all about. Batman explained that this body of water was contaminated with mercury. Boy Wonder thought about this for a split second, brightened and exclaimed, “And Saturn!”

Other times the kids make an effort to amuse: Bat Girl and I occasionally splurge and go out for lunch. On this particular day we were eating our lunch at home but her lunch happened to be the second half of the foot-long sub sandwich from our outing the day before. I was eying her beautiful leftovers and commented that they looked like something I might even be tempted to steal if she weren’t careful. Without hesitating or blinking she calmly held my gaze while carefully picking up that gorgeous six inches of sub-limity, licked the entire surface and dropped it back on her plate.

Yep. These people have kept me chuckling for almost 20 years now.

I could never have dreamed them up. My best imaginings about who my kids would be and who they actually turned out to be were like the difference between imagining the ocean for years and then finally seeing it for yourself.

I was never one of those women who was adamant about becoming a parent. I was ambivalent about it in the early years of our marriage until I finally found out I was expecting. In my younger days I rarely babysat and babies didn’t make me get all gooey and silly. My own Mother heard me say, countless times, “I’m never having kids!” So, for me, being willing to think happy thoughts about Motherhood was big.

I’m so glad that I was too stupid to really follow through on those assertions that I was never having kids. My kids are just about the best thing that I’ve done for my whole life!

Now, while staring menopause in the eye, I’m going to have a few years of thumb-twiddling and hot flashes to keep me occupied while I figure out what to do with the rest of my life after Bat Girl graduates High School in four years.

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17 comments on “Laughing is my favorite.

  1. Wow! I love it it sound like your kids are a lot like mine. Always doing something and your always like “really did they just do that.”

  2. Like you, Robin, I did not dream of the day I’d become a mom. Forced too early into a mom role with my siblings, I’d had my fill.

    I did not giggle and coo over other people’s babies like other women and so I thought there was something wrong with me. Like seriouly wrong.

    But when I had my own my heart opened up in a way I could never have predicted.

    When women who haven’t had children tell me how they are going to think, feel or act WHEN THEY HAVE KIDS I smile to myself. They have no idea. I’ve known women who desperately desired to have children, but the reality didn’t turn out so fantastical. And I’ve known other women like myself who entered motherhood with a skeptical eye but found themselves entranced by their little bundle of joy.

    You just can’t know.

    This was a beautiful post. I received a text message out of the blue this morning from my son which read: I love you and miss you. I ran around the department showing people the text. Kinda crazy, huh?

    • knittinpeace says:

      I love picturing you proudly sharing that text from your wild child. *hug*

      Yeah – isn’t it crazy how we all go through these interesting stages of life and think we’re doing it alone? Another aspect of aging that I appreciate is the perspective it brings.

      • Isn’t it weird how our minds and expectations can change as our kids and we grow and change. No, I’m not where I thought I’d be and my kids aren’t as I thought sooo many years ago.

        Chloe – love that text and I’d be showing it off too.

  3. Great photos. My son is four and I adore him! I can only imagine what he has in store for me as the years go on. He already does the funniest things, and not even on purpose. I didn’t want kids in the beginning but so glad I changed my mind and we were blessed with a son.

  4. You have come a long ways daughter and I am so very proud of all you have accomplished in your own life and with your crazy kids too!! I love these silly pictures. Our God is always faithful to His children!!! <3

  5. Bethany says:

    Those are some great pictures!

  6. Shirin says:

    I’m beginning to “get” that “my life” being “all about them” is really “about me” enjoying every single solitary minute of motherhood. I am determined to enjoy what is left of it as I plot out the next 6 years with the youngest. (sigh)

  7. You had me smiling all the way through this post: it was like reading my own heart.

    But then, we got to the last paragraph, and I’m not smiling anymore. What’s staring us in the face is the Great Unknown.

    But hasn’t God been faithful, through the heartbreaks and the laughter? Is there any reason to believe that He’ll not continue to bless us with His unconditional love? These are the things I remind myself of as I squint down the road ahead.

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