Cute, cute, cutie-patootie, fabric owls

During one of my cruising sessions on Pinterest I came across this blog post about these adorable Owls.

I was smitten immediately and ran upstairs and tried my hand.

What do ya think?

If you make some, be sure to stop by Efemera’s blog and let her know, too.

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5 comments on “Cute, cute, cutie-patootie, fabric owls

  1. Oh how lovely – I just blogged about a cute fabric owl purse I saw. Totally impractical (and not very well made) but gorgeously fun :)

  2. I think you did a great job!

  3. Stephanie (Just Me) says:

    He is so cute and funny, he made me laugh!

  4. Hootie-hoo, those are cute!!!

  5. a capella says:


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