Weathering life’s storms.

My son is bummed. He needs a job. Unemployment here is somewhere around 14%. Jobs for people in his age group and situation in life are in high demand. Community College is full. He won’t even be able to occupy himself with classes until next term. He even canceled his cell phone because he is trying to save his money. Did I mention he’s bummed?

We’re bummed for him but there’s not a lot to do about it. We’ve encouraged him to continue being persistent showing his face weekly in the places where he’d like to get a job (when they don’t take applications online, that is). I hope it’s still true that persistence pays off.

Since Bat Girl had spent the night at a friend’s house it was just the three of us today. After church we went out to lunch on a part of Batman’s earnings from the wedding he did yesterday. We went to The Terrebonne Depot. It’s a great little place near Smith Rock – I highly recommend their South of Central Oregon GardenBurger.

We sat beside a window. During lunch Boy Wonder noticed a moth fluttering in the corner of the sill. It was a pretty shade of light green. He gingerly picked up the tiny creature and placed it on one of the live flowers decorating the table. The poor thing was too weary to hold on. Next, my son delicately wet a patch of paper napkin and put it under the moth and the moth appeared to be drinking moisture from the napkin.

After several minutes it appeared that this miniature creation was nearing the end of its life. My tender-hearted son gently carried that moth outside and nestled it (with its moist scrap of paper napkin) into a clump of lobelia. His parting words to the moth, “If you recover you’ll be in the right place for it. If not, at least you died free.”

Batman commented, “I love that you still care for bugs.”

Boy Wonder shrugged, “It’s what I’d want someone to do if I were that small.”

In the midst of his angst over where his future is heading and how he’s going to pay for ANY of it – he still takes the time to care for tiny moths in distress. It might seem small to some, it’s big to me. That ability to look outside his own trouble and give aid to a helpless moth gives me a calm. A sense that he’ll be fine.

Boy Wonder introduced me to this song today and I think it perfectly sums up his attitude about life right now – even while facing so much uncertainty.
(note: I like the song. I could live without the video. Though I DO like the Mr. Bean segment)

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8 comments on “Weathering life’s storms.

  1. That is so beautiful, Robin. You do have a lovely son and I do believe he’s going to be just fine. Jesus said to Care for the least of these and what could be less than a dying moth? Your son’s heart is in the right place and no amount of money can ever buy that.

  2. knittinpeace says:

    I wish my brain weren’t foggy and I’d have something more significant than “Thank you” to say here.

    I appreciate all of you (readers and commenters alike)

  3. I empathize with the lack of work – unemployment is high here but higher for the 18 – 25 range :sigh: Glad that Boy Wonder has a soft heart for the smaller ones too.

  4. I really hope that he can find his way soon. It really is tough right now all around. It is nice that he still can take time out for things that seem so small, I think that shows he believes in hope.

    The song is great, thanks for sharing.

  5. He’s a good boy.

    I love how you love him.

    Wow: your local unemployment rate is HIGH! I hope and pray he finds the perfect thing!

  6. Kristal says:

    What a great post… compassion in the midst of our low times. Love the song and LOVE Mr. Bean {I think my kids watch him every day…}

    Praying an opportunity opens up for him soon

  7. Liesl says:

    great post – I love your heart for your ds


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