5 things about me

I talk too much

I do. Blogging is good because it forces me to edit out the nonsense (well…a lot of it anyway). Blogging saves my friends from having to listen to some of my yammering on those days when I am most intensely yamm-ish.

I may be menopausal

Yeah. Possibly TMI. Deal with it.

Being menopausal (or nearly so) doesn’t exactly terrify me. I’m not thrilled either. I think mostly I’m sad about it today. I’m in the process of mourning my youth. Be gentle with me.

My daughter has a friend who raised a sheep last year. She learned that a sheep is called a lamb for the first two year of its life and is referred to as a mutton after that. I haven’t verified these facts…I’m just telling you a little story.


My daughter and I recently saw a woman who was clearly too old to be trying to look as “hot” as she was trying to look and Batgirl just turned and said to me, in her quiet way, “Now there’s a mutton trying to be a lamb.” I laughed way too hard. Yet, I think she made a good point. I’m still wrestling with it.

I don’t believe I try to look “hot” so I think I’m safe on that count. But I’m still a little frazzled with this business of ‘age-appropriateness’. *sigh*

I cook because I have to. I do NOT enjoy it

Let me just hang in my sewing room while someone else takes care of the kitchen. PLEASE. Is it really necessary to eat every day? Really? Every day? *another sigh*

I hate being frugal.

*this sigh speaks entirely for itself*

dogmatism makes me catty

The older I get the less inclined I am to take a hard line on anything. Practically the instant someone begins with a “this is how it should be” sentence, I’ve walked away…either literally or mentally. Occasionally, though, I’m in exactly the wrong frame of mind and I will challenge said dogmatism. I usually regret it.

It’s not that I am afraid of conflict. I’ve just learned that some conflict is a stupid waste of my time. And conflict with someone who is “my way or the highway” is a surer waster of time. If they feel they’ve got God on their side then the time wasting goes up exponentially with each word uttered. That’s when I run.

So there you have it.

I have nothing more to say at this time.

Tell me something about you. That’s much more interesting.

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8 comments on “5 things about me

  1. It’s easy to be judgmental of the old when your a teenager and you’re never going to age, isn’t it? Little whippersnapper.

    You’ll never be mutton. Not ever.

    And I think I’m less patient with those who think they know everything and see the world in black and white. I think that quality comes with wisdom and maturity.

    Maybe your going from lamb to….well, whatever a wise old lamb might be.

  2. Bethany says:

    “Now there’s a mutton trying to be a lamb.” Love that!!

  3. 5 Things about Me about You:

    1. No, you don’t.

    2.. I think you are the hottest mutton I’ve ever seen.

    3. And now you know why I’ve said time after time we should be sister wives. You would make my home and my daughter beautiful with all your mad sewing skillz.

    4. Totally.

    5. This is one of the main reasons I love you. The danger is that the changes happening inside our bodies mean that our filters are developing fissures. I think the world just may have to deal. :-D And it’s kind of fun, too.

    • knittinpeace says:

      …[giggle]…brain fissures. That will be me new explanation for my irrational “Do you HAVE to breathe right now?” attitude toward nearly everyone in my immediate vicinity.

      YOU are awesome!

  4. Lorri says:

    I feel the same way about cooking. Really, what is wrong with DIY PB and J sandwiches?

  5. knittinpeace says:

    Chonda is quite funny. Which one was it?

    I think your photography speaks marvelously.

  6. Kristal says:

    I just watched a Chonda Pierce DVD and she talked about menopause. It was hilarious.

    I don’t talk enough… maybe that’s why my blog is mostly pictures!!!

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