How to upgrade Straight Talk phone

When I googled for this information a few weeks ago (when I wanted to get a new phone) I couldn’t find clear answers to my questions. So, now that I’ve gone through the process I hope to provide a service (on this subject at least) by giving you this information.

If you are already a Straight Talk customer and decide you want a new phone here’s what to do:

Go to the Straight Talk website and choose the “shop” tab.

Pick out your phone and follow the steps then choose your service plan. After you pay for your phone the next step is to wait until your new phone arrives. Your old phone will continue to work until the new phone is activated. (Also – if you were on Auto-Refill with your old phone – auto-refill automatically cancels when the new phone is activated. So if you want to be on Auto-refill with the new phone you have to go through the steps to set it up again. It will not roll over to your new phone.  (**see update below**)

When your new phone arrives and you’re ready to activate it, go to the Straight Talk site and hover your cursor over the “Activate/Refill” tab. A box will drop down that will say “Transfer Number”. Choose the Transfer option and not the Activate option. Once the new phone is activated your old phone will automatically stop working within minutes.

I recommend checking the “shop” category regularly. They often have refurbished phones that sell for significantly lower than the average price on the market. I got a very nice phone for $20. That’s right. $20. I found the same model (also refurbished) on ebay for $54. So I think I got a good deal, and even if it turned out to be a lemon, I only spent $20 for a $100 phone. SCORE.

I hope this is helpful for any Straight Talk customers who might be wondering and wandering as I was.

UPDATE 3/11/2013:   I upgraded to a smart phone and everything went according to the above…except that my auto-refill stayed in effect this time.  Perhaps that has to do with now being on the “UNlimited” plan.

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11 comments on “How to upgrade Straight Talk phone

  1. windy says:

    I been with straight talk about give years now. The only thing I don’t like is that when buying a phone on line you can’t just get the phone you have to buy a service card too. That’s stupid if u askme.

  2. One’s choice of phones is very limited, unless you are willing to go with a $45/month or “unlimited” plan.

  3. godd says:

    Just wanted to say that I just upgraded to new smart phone on straight talk. The company was deceptive and very evasive about the process. I called in with the new phone and told them that o wanted to continue my unlimited plan. Instead what I got was my phone turned off and told that I would have to buy a new card and then start over. Basically, it is a scam to get more $$$$$ out of you. I refuse to do business with liars and cheats. The tech support refused to h el p. Goodbye scammers, i now has ebb a newer zte merit to sell for $$ 20 lol.

    • knittinpeace says:

      I don’t think they’re purposely difficult. I think their customer service is just badly done. I’ve had great help and I’ve suffered through some terribly UNhelpful people there.

  4. Laura says:

    I noticed that most of the phones on the straight talk site make you purchase a plan when you buy a new one. Did you have to do this when you bought your new one? I don’t want to have to buy a new plan if I’m just going to transfer my old plan to my new one.

    • Robin says:

      Yes. They do make you buy a new plan at time of purchase. I just try to time it so that my month is nearly over by the time I activate the new phone.

  5. Janice hart says:

    New straight talk phone

  6. Lea says:

    So glad that you made this information available. It is very helpful and will make my change much easier.

  7. I will send a link to this to my dear husband. Thanks for doing the leg work for us!

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